Enterprise Application Integrations

Ikas executes Message Oriented Middleware based enterprise integrations using industry standard ESB, MQ - (Enterprise Service Bus, Message Queuing) technology platforms.

Ikas has been offering this outsourced service to global clients for more than 10 years now and has gained precious expertise in Enterprise Application Integrations development and maintenance services cutting across industry verticals like banking and financial services, retail etc.,

Clients that Ikas has been associated with are leaders in their respective fields having many chains, branches, offices, outlets and business units globally at many locations. Their enterprise IT architecture consists of disparate systems, legacy applications and databases that undergo constant change, additions and enhancements. This necessitates continuous development of integrations. Ikas provides them with reliable outsourced development, testing, deployment and monitoring services.

Gaining a deep understanding of the client’s IT environment and proven SOA/ESB/MQ software development prowess, Ikas is able to deliver to the full satisfaction of clients. And so, it is no surprise that global clients have a long living and continuous association with Ikas. In fact for some of the client’s IT department, Ikas Tech team is proving to be an extended IT arm.

In the EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) space, Ikas’ proven capabilities include:

  • Application integration planning in collaboration with Integration competency centre or based on business requirement
  • Designing, developing, testing and maintenance services using ESB platforms like Aurea CX Messenger (previously Progress Sonic MQ and ESB)
  • Using market leading Integration Bus to connect applications that send and receive messages conforming to JMS - (Java Message Service) specification
  • Extensive use of data transformation employing XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) for XML and other document formats
  • Developing customised adapters according to the integration needs using Java.
  • Creating reusable ESB services for various operations like database handling, file handling etc., and using them in reusable processes.
  • SOAP and REST implementation for extensive inbound and outbound web service calls.
  • Lossless message delivery using point to point (queues) or pub-sub (topics) communication.
  • Implementation of secure brokers that enhances the security of the messages flowing between various systems.