Case Study - 1

Integration between LDAP and Teradata for getting the member information


Our client is a leading retail giant in Europe that owns and operates over 260 stores in the EU region.


Reading millions of records from LDAP server each day at a specified time and then writing them to the Teradata database. The key challenge was to address the handling of the large volume of data.

Both reading and writing large volume of data comes with it’s own particular set of challenges and puts a heavy load on the performance of the integration platform (Aurea CX Messenger in this case). Not only the integration platform but also the LDAP server and the Teradata server would have a performance impact.

The challenge was to provide a solution which would ease the performance overhead in Sonic, LDAP and Teradata servers.


Integration specialists at Ikas provided the solution for the specified challenge.

Ikas suggested to have a new service for reading data from LDAP server and send it to the JMS queue as comma separated values.

The solution to address the performance was to use paging techniques when reading the data from LDAP. This would result in handling the records much faster without as much of a performance penalty. Being a reusable service it was built to be configurable in the following ways,

  • Read single record
  • Read all records
  • Read records based on page size

By implementing this solution, we could have the requisite control over how the date is read from the LDAP server, and also tune the performance without any code changes.

Business Benefits

Ikas delivered this project successfully before the planned delivery date. A quick and robust solution that not only addressed the issue but also did so within time and budget.

A reusable, robust, rational, cost effective, modular and top notch service was provided to the client.