Case Study - 2

Implementation of loyalty program for customers


Our client is a leading retail giant in Europe that owns and operates over 260 stores in the EU region.


  • Integrating the point of sale (PoS) system and the Siebel system in a real time with minimal time lag to get/check the loyalty member data.
  • Handling sessions in the Siebel side for every call made from Sonic.
  • The message format for the source and target system are different.

Sonic ESB serves as the intermediate layer, which takes care of processing the incoming messages irrespective of it being in a different format and delivers the message as expected by the target system.


Within the enterprise, for this loyalty program, a common practice had been defined to communicate between these two systems.

The solution that Ikas provided to integrate the source(pos) system and the target(siebel) systems in a real time was to communicate via web services.

SOAP Web Services (which was already implemented) is used in Siebel.

REST Web Services is used for the source systems (such as PoS and SAP).

Sonic ESB serves as the intermediate layer, which gets the request from the source system, transforms the message to the format supported by the target system and calls the SOAP webservice. The SOAP response from the target system is then transformed to the format that is expected by the source system and it is then sent to the source system.

In order to reduce the time lag, load balancing is used. This not only reduces the time lag but also boosts the performance of the integration flow.

Business Benefits

Ikas delivered this project successfully before the planned delivery date. A quick and robust solution that not only addressed the issue but also did so within time and budget.

A reusable, robust, rational, cost effective, modular and top notch service was provided to the client.