Blockchain Training in Chennai

Learn blockchain from blockchain experts


Blockchain Training

Ikas has a decade of experience in software development. We have started our training programs to share our cutting-edge expertise. Our training programs are hands-on programs where training will be provided by architects and developers. As a part of the training program, participants will explore real projects and also do a project. We provide online training, offline training and corporate training.

Blockchain is one of the top five high paid skillsets. There is more demand for blockchain expertise than there is supply in India and the rest of the world.

Our training programs

Ideal for software engineers who want to enter into blockchain development


20 Sessions (2 hours per session)


  • Programming background in any one of the following languages, Java, C#, JavaScript.
  • At least two years experience in software industry

What you will learn

  • Blockchain basics
  • Solidity
  • Developing Smart contracts and ICOs
  • Truffle framework
  • Developing DApps with web3.js
  • Hands on project

Ideal for business persons who want to know what blockchain is and how it works


6 Sessions (2 hours per session)


Proficient in computers and technology

What you will learn

  • Blockchain basics
  • Blockchain tools
  • Handling Ether and tokens
  • Interacting with Smart contracts, ICOs and DApps