Blockchain Auditing

Auditing is crucial part of a smart contract lifecycle. We don’t do just the auditing part alone but we also include complete smart contract testing as part of the auditing process. We provide a complete auditing and test report at the end of our auditing. We recommend that a smart contract should pass two independent auditings before being deployed to the main net.

Proper auditing has the potential to detect and avoid million dollar vulnerabilities. We follow a strict policy with our clients to not use the same resources for development as well as auditing. While most companies only perform auditing, we at Ikas include a full test as well as part of the auditing.

What we do

  • Line by line code analysis
  • Static analysis using tools
  • Virtual walk through (Two or more people look at the code at the same time)
  • Complete functional testing
  • Code & gas optimization checks
  • Check the code for best practice usage
  • Implicit visibility level
  • Check the code for known vulnerability errors
  • Summarize the report based on severity